Specialty Slate Roofing

Unmatched Beauty and Durability Of Specialty Slate

For centuries, slate has been acclaimed as the premier roofing material due to its superiority in durability and natural beauty. As a naturally occurring stone that can be crafted into thin tiles of uniform thickness, it is unsurpassed by most other materials for elegance and strength. What’s more – Vermont Slate Roofing offers an abundance of rich colors and textures that are sure to enhance any building structure with its remarkable aesthetic design! With numerous advantages such as energy conservation, longevity, alluring visuals and much more; you will never regret investing in Nature’s best slate – Vermont Slate!

Specialty Slate Roofing: Discover the Benefits of Premium Slate Tiles for Your Home

With its exceptional color, texture and sturdiness, Vermont slate stands out from all other slates. As a metamorphic stone made of laminated rock, it can be divided into tiles for use in roofs. What makes this slate so distinct is the high density achieved thanks to the geological conditions during its formation in Vermont – making it one of the most powerful types of slate available worldwide! All these qualities are why Slate offers an unbeatable 100 year warranty* that no other roofing material can match.

The Superiority of Slate Roofing Over Man-Made Alternatives

No other roofing material can compare to the lasting quality and dependability of slate. Thanks to modern advancements in materials technology over the years, more options have become available; however, none can match up with slate when it comes to its durability and reliability – making it a standard that all others are measured against.

Not only are stone-coated steel roofs classified as class 4 impact resistant, but they can also help you save a considerable amount of money on homeowners insurance, typically between 25 and 45%. Here at Precision, we specialize in Decra installation and have innovatively created our own foam backer to aid with insulation while reducing electric bills considerably. We are the leading installer of this type of roofing in the country!