Roof Inspection Alpharetta GA

Roof Inspection Alpharetta GA

Professional Roof Inspection Alpharetta GA

While it is essential to have a functional roof, lack of proper maintenance can be such an expensive mistake. The only way to know the true state of your roof is by hiring a professional roofer from TruCare Restoration for an inspection. A roof should last for about 20 years, but with extreme weather conditions, it can last for as low as five years. A roof inspection will give you the chance to catch a problem within your roofing system before it becomes extensive. Also, in many of the states in America, especially those with frequent hail or wind storms, it is better to have a roof inspection when you are buying a new home. We cannot overemphasize the advantages of having regular roof inspection. What you need to understand is that having one saves you more than could possibly realize. To get more information or to hire our roofers for roof inspection in Alpharetta, GA, call us today at (678) 726-5835.

Signs You Need Roof Inspection Alpharetta GA

To make sure you get ahead of a problem with your roof, you have to know the signs that call for a roof inspection. The most common sign is a roof leak. Check for water dripping from your roof or stains on your ceiling as signs of a leaking roof. Also, check for drafts because they can be another sign that you need to call us for inspection. No matter what you notice first, make sure to call us a soon as possible for roof inspection in Alpharetta, GA.

What We Look For During Inspection

When inspecting your roof, we must find the problems as quickly as possible. There are areas that we look at for problem signs. The common areas of your roof that are susceptible to damages include the following:

  • Loose Seams: We check for loosening seams, which could be the cause of water leaking into your home during extreme weather conditions.
  • Rust: If you have a metal roof, we check for signs of rust. Rust will eat away your roof, leaving it leaking, and if you do not react on time, you might have to replace your entire roof.
  • Damaged Flashing: We also check for damages to your flashings since it could be the cause of water damage to your roof. In most cases, it pulls apart, allowing the water to access your home.
  • Signs of Water Damage: Water damage could be due to poor drainage in your gutters or improper installation of flashing, which will allow the rainwater to damage your roof.
  • Mold: Growth of mold around the attic or chimney acts as a sign of water damage to your roof. In most cases, it means your rood is leaking.
  • Shingle Damages: Broken, loose, or missing shingles are a sign of a roof that needs repairs as soon as possible
  • Clogged Gutters: If your gutter is full of granules, debris, and broken shingles, it is a sign that there are damages on your roof.
Damage Roofing Spotting Alpharetta GA

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We take every job seriously. When it comes to our roof inspection services, we make sure to do a thorough job. We make sure to check every area, giving you the true state of your roof. Our services can even come in handy when you are trying to file a roof insurance claim. We will have an accurate inspection making sure the estimation you get from your insurer is precise. To get more information regarding our roof inspection services in Alpharetta, GA, give us a call today at (678) 726-5835.